Uki Hub

$500 / month


The Uki Hub is amazing!

Satisfy all of the pre-requisites your businesses online with Digital Asset Management pls. Manage everything in one place, the Uki Hub.
Heres just a few of the benefits Uki Hub access will get you:
  • Digital Search Utility A new tool for businesses that helps manage all of the information about the business online.
  • Digital Assets We will build and optimize digital Assets like, Google My Business, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, Yellow Pages etc…& manage them in a digital assets portfolio.
  • REP* (Review Engagement & Publishing) We help businesses gather reviews from clients they are servicing with programming and automation.
  • Analytics Reporting We deliver analytics monthly reporting digital asset portfolio performance and develop strategic marketing decisions in scheduled 1 on 1’s.
  • Page+ We enhance content (particularly business information about the business, products, and services for the purpose of SEO) on all digital assets available to us.
  • Search+ We will tag all of the data about the clients business location across all of the digital assets available to us and program a local business schema.